Preparing for Birth and Beyond


Science packed content, which hundreds of Estonian couples know and love from Rasedusring community.

Workshop host: doula Liisa Makki
Language: English
Where: virtually on Zoom
When: August (4×1,5h)
Topics: childbirth, giving birth in Estonia, postpartum period and breastfeeding
Price: 95 eur

Some of you might know this, but I was not born in Estonia. I am of komi nationality. My mother came to Estonia and started her life here. She did not know anyone in this new country, with a strange new language. Anyone except me, just a small child back then. This was anything but easy. Knowing this helps me better understand the families who are preparing to welcome a child into the country that is not their own. Away from everything they know. Away from their village. Because I know. I chatted about this with my good doula-friend Liisa Makki. Liisa has a professional background in HR management, where she has helped hundreds of families relocate to Estonia and elsewhere. She has also seen firsthand the challenges of building a new life, a new community, in a new country. We know. And we also know just how important it is to surround yourself with YOUR people, your tribe, your village. During pregnancy and especially after the baby is born. We also know the importance of being in the same shared information space as your partner throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. How good it is to be supported by each other and know that you share a similar understanding of what’s to come. We know. So when Liisa and I put our heads together, something new was born. 

A practical course preparing you for birth and postpartum experience for couples where at least one partner is not native Estonian.

Up until now, these couples have had very limited options in preparing themselves for the transition into their new life as parents. Our course is here to fix this. “Preparing for Birth and Beyond” Science packed content, which hundreds of Estonian couples know and love from Rasedusring community.

Since this is a pilot in a small, intimate group (we accept only 4 couples), a lot of the content will be based on your needs. We are hoping that this small group will also help you find a sense of community and belonging amongst yourselves. This is why all attendees will also get access to a community platform hosted on Circle. In addition to our weekly meetings, we’ll share additional science based information, birth stories and all this wonderful, amazing chaos that comes with becoming a parent! 

For registration and questions, please reach out to Liisa at

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